What is all-inclusive storage?

By 6th July 2020Blog

Top Tips for Self Storage

Self-storage has been around for a long time and provides customers (whether that’s private individuals or local businesses) with space to store their things on a flexible basis. In this instance, ‘flexible’ means you are able to store for a short or long period (although most operators require a minimum of a 4-week stay so do take this into account) and you are able to upgrade or downsize your storage room whenever you want (subject to there being a storage room available at the size you want to move to of course!).

The best self-storage deals

Which self-storage company one offers the best deals and how can you tell them apart?

A lot of self-storage operators use marketing to make them stand out – whether they have a strong brand or catchy adverts. Whether they are able to advertise on just a local level or on a national basis depending upon their size.

The bottom line is 90% of self-storage operators out there offer the same service.

What should I look out for?

Perhaps the most important factor for any customer to consider is ‘How local is my storage to where I live or work?’ Why is that important? Well, it’s important that you’re able to access your things easily and when you want. If you have to travel for an hour just to get to the store then it is going to be difficult and time-consuming to access your storage room and that means you are not going to use it as often as you perhaps would like to.

Another important factor is to consider what you’re getting for your money. Self-storage is similar to a lot of things. In the end, you do get what you pay for to a certain extent. For example, you may be able to find very cheap storage but then discover it is in a shipping container in a farmer’s field 20 miles away! If that works for you then great, it will be hard to beat that price for a service that is in the centre of London.

If you are going to need relatively regular access to your things (or just like to know you can access them as and when you want without embarking on an expedition to get there!) then you are going to want a self-storage provider who is close to home or work and who offers a good service at a fair price.

‘Some are more equal than others’ – George Orwell, Animal Farm

This is where we get down to the nub of the question – ‘What is all-inclusive storage?’

Some self-storage operators advertise a very attractive price but in return only provide a very basic service for the money. What can happen is this price can be quickly inflated by having to buy their insurance, or to pay an administration fee for signing up, or extra fees for providing 24/7 access to your things, etc.

At 3D Space Storage we don’t believe this is fair or right.

We believe that storage is a simple business and should, therefore, be kept simple and without any hidden fees.

That is why when a customer stores with us – irrespective of whether they are a private individual or a local business – they receive a first-class storage experience in a first-class storage environment and in a first-class location.

The benefits of renting storage space from us

This is what we mean by ‘ALL-INCLUSIVE’ storage:

  • Storage actually in the heart of SW1 – with 2 stores (one in Pimlico and one on the Pimlico / Westminster boarders)
  • FREE 24/7 access to your things – if this is important to you then please just let us know when you are being shown around
  • FREE INSURANCE INCLUDED – every storage room comes with an amount of insurance included that matches the size of the storage room
  • FREE use of a padlock for the duration of your stay (should you wish to use it)
  • PRICE FIXED for 12 months – no cheeky price rises after just a few months of storing
  • PRICE MATCH against any comparative quote from a store within 1 mile of our front door
  • 50% off your first FOUR WEEKS storage as a welcome gift from us to you!

3D Space Storage has been offering its services to the local SW1 area since 2001 and in that time has looked after literally thousands of customers.

Why not give us a call to see how we can help you with your storage needs.

We look forward to being of service in the near future.