What is all-inclusive storage?

By 6th July 2020Blog
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Finding a suitable self-storage space in London can be a nightmare. There are lots of operators with different and confusing price structures and offers, making what should be a simple act – safely storing your belongings – extremely convoluted. Enter “all-inclusive” storage.

Below is our guide to all things self-storage, with an explainer as to how all-inclusive storage is often the best, cheapest and most straightforward option.

What to look out for when comparing self-storage deals


Perhaps the most important factor for you to consider is how local the self-storage site is to where you live or work.

Why is location important? Well, you want to be able to access your stuff easily and conveniently. If you have to travel for an hour just to get to the facility, chances are you aren’t going to use the place as often as you envisioned as it’s too time-consuming to bother with.

If you need relatively regular access to your items (or just like to know you can access them as and when you want without embarking on a full-blown mission to get there) then you need a self-storage provider who is close to home or work, or in an easily accessible location, that offers a good service at a fair price.

Unit sizes and flexibility

Self-storage definitely isn’t one-size-fits-all, but some providers won’t ask how much space you actually need, either because they don’t have the flexibility, or want to fill up an unused but unsuitable unit. You need to think beforehand about how many different unit sizes they offer and if they can they meet your requirements. A change in your circumstances may mean you need to store more or fewer items than you first though. Can you change your unit and go for a bigger one or a smaller one if necessary? How flexible is the company at changing a unit size?

Parking and access

Parking and access is a crucial part of a premium self-service offering. Vans and cars need to be unloaded in order to get the items to the unit. Some providers have limited on-site parking, if any at all, and don’t offer 24/7 access. The last thing you want is to be parked around a corner as you move your items in and out.


How secure are the premises? Things like CCTV and entry monitoring should be standard, but other than a faded sticker telling you there’s a camera watching you, how do you know it is switched on or even exists? It’s always best to check with the self-storage unit about security. How people enter the premises is also important; some providers require a PIN code to access the facility. Fully monitored intruder and fire alarms are increasingly being deployed to add a layer of security, and it’s always smart to enquire if security patrols will be walking the corridors.

The best self-storage deals

With a multitude of deals on offer, it can be difficult to tell them apart.  Lots of self-storage operators are using catchy adverts and bold offers in their marketing to stand out. The truth is, whether they advertise on a local level or on a national level, 90% of self-storage operators offer the same service. It’s a fairly simple game; make it easy for people to safely store their belongings, and make sure you look after them, and yet so many operators get this wrong.

So, what is “all-inclusive storage?”

One trick some self-storage operators use is to advertise an attractive price for a basic service, but don’t tell you what you aren’t getting, such as 24/7 access or extra security. That seemingly reasonable price can quickly balloon by having to buy add-ons such as insurance, or administration fees for signing up, or extra fees for providing 24/7 access to your things. At 3D Space Storage we don’t believe these tactics are fair or right, and this is where all-inclusive storage enters the picture.

We believe that storage is a very simple business and should, therefore, be kept straightforward without any hidden extras. We are proud to offer a no-nonsense all-inclusive package, and it’s one our loyal clients have come to appreciate.

When a customer stores with 3D Space Storage – irrespective of whether they are a private individual or a local business – they receive a first-class storage experience in a first-class storage environment, in a first-class location.

The benefits of renting storage space from 3D Space Storage

This is what we mean by ‘ALL-INCLUSIVE’ storage:

  • Storage in the heart of SW1 – We have 2 stores (one in Pimlico and one on the Pimlico / Westminster borders) in easy-to-access locations
  • FREE 24/7 access to your stored items. We are happy to accommodate any request, and if this is important to you then please just let us know when you are being shown around
  • FREE INSURANCE INCLUDED – Every storage room comes with an amount of insurance included that matches the size of the storage room
  • FREE use of a padlock for the duration of your stay (should you wish to use it)
  • FIXED PRICE for 12 months – no cheeky price rises after just a few months of storing, the price is fixed
  • PRICE MATCH against any comparative quote from a store within 1 mile of our front door
  • 50% off your first FOUR WEEKS storage as a welcome gift from us to you!

3D Space Storage has been keeping the items of SW1 area safe since 2001, and in that time we have looked after thousands of customers who love our straightforward business and excellent deals.

Give us a call today to learn more about how we can help you with your storage needs.

We look forward to being of service in the near future.