5 tips for good furniture storage

By 3rd December 2019Blog

furniture storage

When putting your furniture into storage there are several important things you need to consider.

  • Is the storage environment dry and secure?
  • How long will the furniture be in storage?
  • How do I pack these large items in my storage room without taking up all the room?!

There are some really easy but very useful tips to follow when putting your furniture in storage to ensure it stays as good as when it went in.  With these tips you will be able to protect any furniture piece, regardless of its material — from tables and desks to chairs and couches, whether they are priceless family heirlooms or inexpensive bed sets awaiting your child’s return from college or university.

1 – Is the storage environment suitable

When choosing a place for your furniture storage you should look carefully at the storage store itself.  Is it clean, dry, medium temperature, easy to access, nearby in case you need any of your things?

At 3D Space Storage we are able to offer real 24 / 7 access for FREE (please just ask when you take a storage room with us) so you can come and go as often or as little as you like.  Being located in the heart of SW1 also means we are incredibly central and quick and easy to reach.

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2 – Clean everything thoroughly

Before moving your furniture into storage you should make sure you clean everything thoroughly. This will ensure your furniture remains in the same condition it went into the storage in the first place.  By doing this you will minimise any dust or worse, any potential for mould on your furniture.

We would advise any wood or plastic furniture to be cleaned with mild soap and water and any fabrics to also be cleaned with any decent fabric cleaner. This includes chairs, sofas and cushions.

Once cleaned, make sure everything is completely dry before using furniture storage – otherwise, all your hard work will be undone!

3 – Dismantle everything you can

By taking things apart before using furniture storage, you are making sure you are able to use the space as efficiently as possible and therefore save money. It will also help keep your furniture safer. Put all screws, bolts, Allen wrenches, and other small items in a labelled sealable bag, which should be taped to the furniture piece to which it belongs.

This applies to tables, beds, desks, cabinets etc.

Once dismantled then store as many things as possible vertically – this will save space.

4 – Wrap fragile items

If something is fragile, then the simple rule is to wrap it. Whether you wrap it in old sheets, blankets, duvets or bubble wrap it doesn’t really matter. What matters is it’s wrapped as this will protect the item whilst using furniture storage.

When wrapping the furniture, make sure that it can ‘breathe’ otherwise condensation could form and this could damage your things.

5 – Raise furniture off the floor

Another top tip is to make sure the furniture is stored off the ground – maybe some rubber matting or planks of wood or a wooden pallet could be used.  This will help the furniture to avoid being scratched or damaged when being moved and placed into the storage room and will also help air circulation to keep your furniture in great condition whilst using furniture storage.


We hope you have found the above useful and helps with any furniture storage you have coming up.

If you still have any questions at all then please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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