How much does self-storage cost?

By 19th November 2019Blog
3D Space Self Storage Article

One of the first things people think about when looking into self-storage solutions is: how much will it cost me? However, if you need storage space in London – whether for your personal or business items – there are a lot more things to consider.

You want to know that your things will be secure, easily accessible and that you are getting good value for money. This is especially true if you are going to need storage for a longer period.

The price of self-storage depends on the number of things you have to store (and therefore the size of the storage room), how long you will be storing them for, the replacement value (in the unlikely event that something happens whilst it’s in storage) and the location of the storage site. Central London storage prices are likely to be more expensive than storage sites outside of London, as real estate and running costs are more expensive, you will find that storage prices will reflect this.

We have put together a helpful guide to self-storage pricing in London.

Self-storage costs in central London

As you might expect, the cost of storing your items in central London is going to be higher than if you were to store them out in the suburbs, simply because space costs more to buy or rent to offer the storage services from.

Self-storage rooms are measured in square feet, a popular small storage room size is a 25 sq.ft. unit, this is 5ft by 5ft in size.  Like many things, there are economies of scale that can be made, so the more space you take, the cheaper it becomes per square foot.

Of course, it’s not quite as simple as just looking at the price per square foot. You should also consider what you are getting the price. Some self-storage places may look cheap but are they offering a quality storage environment? Are they in an excellent central location close to where you need your things? Is everything included in a simple-to-understand price? For example, some providers include insurance, some don’t, some advertise their prices without VAT and add it on later, some make you pay for every little extra.

Here at 3D Space a 25 sq.ft. storage room at our stores located in SW1 (Westminster and Pimlico) can cost £158.00 per 4 weeks.

Our price includes the following:

  • High-quality storage environment
  • Genuine Central London locations – SW1
  • FREE insurance with every unit
  • State-of-the-art fire alarms and CCTV
  • FREE use of a padlock whilst you store with us
  • Unique PIN code access to the store
  • FREE 24 / 7 access to your things – just ask!
  • The use of trolleys
  • FREE Wi-Fi usage in store
  • Parking within seconds of your unit!

Then we have our 4 POINT PRICE PROMISE to also consider:

  1. A massive 50% off your first 4 weeks with us
  2. All-inclusive price
  3. Your first 12 months with a price-lock guarantee
  4. Price match guarantee – for any official quote within a 1-mile radius

how much does storage cost

We believe that we offer great value for money and are confident that the deal won’t be matched. We’ll match any written quote from our competitors within a one-mile radius, providing that they offer the same level of service and the same storage environment.

Long Term Storage Prices in London

If you know you are going to need your storage for a long time, it is worth asking your self-storage provider if they offer discounts for pre-paying for 26 or 52 weeks – most do.

At 3D Space, for example, we offer a 6.5% discount and a whopping 15% discount for pre-paying for 26 and 52 weeks respectively – that can make a big difference!

Our 25 sq.ft. unit can cost £888.16 for 26 weeks and £1,683.50 for a whole year – that is a saving of £138.84 and £370.50 respectively!

Special offers for London self-storage

Most self-storage operators offer a ‘new customer’ move-in discount and this can help bring the cost down even further – don’t forget to take this into consideration when comparing prices.

For example, at 3D Space we offer 50% off your first 4 weeks of storage.

Are there any alternative London storage options?

This is London – of course, there are alternatives to self-storage available!  ;o)

Container Storage in London

You may come across very cheap prices for container storage in London which allow you to store your items in a secure yet portable container. This means your stored items can be moved around whilst in-storage – plus the fact that the containers will be stored outside and so might not offer a very secure service.

Self-Storage Collection in London

You may also come across self-storage collection. In this case, you are provided with large boxes (either wooden or cardboard boxes) which you fill up with your items (as long as they fit in the boxes!). The boxes are then collected and stored, usually in a large warehouse on the outskirts of London. Once you need your belongings back you arrange for them to be returned to you.

This option will almost definitely appear to be cheaper upfront but don’t forget you cannot access your things easily as they tend to be stored far away, and there will be a fee for getting things delivered to you when you want to add or collect them, so it can become expensive.

If you want self-storage that is near to where you are, easy to access 24/7, that includes everything you are going to need at one simple price – with 2 stores located in SW1 (Westminster and Pimlico) 3D Space is a great choice for you and your things.

You can call us for FREE (0800 999 3347), email us or contact us through our form.

We are here to answer any questions you may have and to send a ‘no obligation’ quote should you wish.