Self Storage and Coronavirus

By 31st March 2020Blog

We are living in very strange times indeed.  Never has the UK or indeed the world had to deal with a pandemic like this in recent history. It has quite literally brought the world to a standstill.

The number one priority has to be protecting the health of the nation and of course the NHS which is doing a quite unbelievable job in rising to the challenges presented by COVID-19.

Self-storage is not a high priority – we get that.  But, it is important as most self-storage stores will have quite a high percentage of customers who are local businesses and quite a few of those will need to maintain access so they can respond to emergencies in the area, all in line with the government guidelines of course.

The SSA UK (Self Storage Association of the UK) has been issuing regular and up to date guidelines on how we as Operators should be acting during these unprecedented times and we wanted to share these with you:

“Dear members

Tonight the government increased its restrictions on the mobility of people across the UK and closed down all retail shops.

This is not unexpected and in line with the advice we have been giving members over the last week or so.  The following is pertinent to your businesses.

    1. Self-storage is not retail, it is a service provider and some of your customers may be providing critical services or supplies. 
    1. Self-storage stores can remain open and your staff can travel to work if necessary.
    1. Keep staff removed from customers and other people, 2-meter minimum but ideally keep staff in the reception or office and customers in the store.
    1. Advise your customers that while the store remains open it is only for essential services and businesses providing these services.
    1. Remain vigilant with your cleaning programme – if customers do access the store then they should use their gloves/hand sanitizer/stylus for using keypads – to take responsibility and be careful for themselves.

Keep to the government recommendation of social distancing, minimise any contact between customers and between customers and staff.”

In summary

Self-storage stores can remain open for use by essential services and those businesses that remain open under the government’s new advice.

We are doing everything in our power to help those helping others. We are here and we are able to help.

The 3D Space Storage Team would like to take this opportunity to sincerely thank all those that are working on the front line to tackle this horrible and quite scary situation – we think they are doing an amazing job and hope you agree.

Please take care of you and yours and above all stay safe.

The 3D Space Storage Team


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