Love it or List it …?!

By 23rd April 2018Blog

With the London housing market struggling (to put it politely!), with a lack of housing stock available, with excessive stamp duty charges … is it any wonder people are now asking  whether they ‘love it or list it’ more than ever before?

It is not always possible to ‘create’ new space out of limited resources – especially in Central London. Do you try?  Or do you pack up and move to a larger place in another part of town – usually further from the centre?

Either option is going to cost you money … its just a matter of how much! With a loft conversion not coming in for much less than £40k, or a basement at triple that, or a whole move which could be hundreds of thousands of pounds!

Whether you are a ‘fixer-upper’ or ‘trader-upper’ you are going to need storage to help with whichever path you choose.  This is especially true if you decide to make do and try to create more space out of what you have.

With real 24 / 7 access to their stores actually in SW1, 3D Space is here to help you with your storage needs and to get that extra space in your life when and where you need it!  With a store in Pimlico (just off Warwick Way at the Ebury Bridge end) and in Westminster (just off Vauxhall Bridge Road) 3D Space has centrally and conveniently located stores with genuine 24 / 7 access (once you become a customer).

We also have our “4 POINT PRICE PROMISE” to help make the decision even easier for you.  Check out these 4 great reasons to store with 3D Space in SW1 …

Here’s a great article that looks at the conundrum that is the ‘should I stay or should I go’ decision if you want to read further.

Otherwise, we are here, willing and able to help you with your storage needs, when you need!

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