Food for the Soul …

By 4th June 2018Blog

The 3D Space Team like to think of ourselves as being on top of our game – especially when it comes to self storage!

Yes – we know that we have a great product, a great service, in great locations, at great all-in prices with 24 / 7 access.

Yes – we know that we need to keep our customers happy and to deliver the best service we can, every time.

Today, however, we came across this 5 min video from the actor Matthew McConaughey which really hit a note with our 3D Space Team.  It’s a positive, uplifting, ‘motivational’ speech which we thought you may like to have a listen to.  After all, we can’t talk about storage all the time (… apparently!).

We hope you enjoy it as much as we did.

3D Space has been offering the local residents and businesses of SW1 self-access storage since back in 2001 – in fact it has to be around now that we first opened our doors so around 17 years ago!  Time flies when you’re having fun etc!!

We have many different sized storage units to suit almost any need and the good news is customers are able to upgrade or downsize when they want (as long as we have the avialability of course!) so you only pay for the space you need.

We offer full 24 / 7 access to the store with unique PIN code access.  Our prices not only include all charges, but also FREE insurance AND you get the use of a padlock whilst you store with us for FREE as well.

We like to keep things professional but simple.  Storage should not be something for you to worry about.  We believe it should be something you speak to us about and then know you are in the right hands and your storage issue is completely ‘dealt with!’

3D Space Storage – 24 / 7 storage in SW1 – here to help you.

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