We’ve been asked a lot of questions over the years. Here you can find the most common ones we get asked and the answers we have. Just click on the question and the answer will appear.

What is self storage and how does it work?

How much does it cost to store my things with you?

What is included in the price – are there any hidden extras?

Do I pay weekly or monthly?

Do you offer any discounts?

How can I pay for my storage?

How often can I have access to my goods and how much does it cost for access?

Do I have to book a room?

How do I get my goods to you?

Do I have to sign a storage agreement?

What is the smallest room you have available?

Can I transfer to another room if I find I have too much or too little space?

How high are your storage rooms?

Are the storage rooms heated?

What sort of security do you have?

What is the minimum time I can store with you?

Once I have a room how long can I stay?

Do I have to give you notice to leave?

What can I store?

Do you sell boxes and packing materials, and will you deliver them to me?

Do you have trolleys available?