5 Things To Consider When Using Storage

By 24th September 2019Blog

3D Space Storage Unit Size

1. Is it convenient?

With the best intentions in the world, we know from experience that customers normally need their storage for a little bit longer than they thought.  We also know they also need more access to their things in storage than they thought.  So, making sure the store you choose is close to where you live (or work) is really important.  Having long opening hours so you can get to your things when you actually need them is also useful!  3D Space are able to offer full 24 / 7 access – at no extra cost – for their two storage locations in SW1 (Pimlico).

2. How much space do I need?

We’ve all heard the old adage that ‘Time is money’ … well, in the storage game you could say ‘Space is money’.  Basically, the more space you use the more you will pay for it.  That is why it is so important to get the right sized storage room to suit your things – afterall no one likes paying for stuff they don’t use!  At 3D Space we arrange to meet all future customers on site to show them around various storage room sizes to make sure we get this right.  We do this at a time to suit them, so we get the right customer in the right space for them.

3. Is it a fair price?

When choosing where to store your belongins, don’t be fooled by the initial ‘bargain’ price you are quoted.  Sadly in the self storage industry many operators choose to offer customers cheap looking deals only to hit them at the sign up stage with hidden extras.  These can include things such as ‘Admin Charges’ and ‘Compulsory Insurance’ … we don’t think this is fair.  That is why we offer all-inclusive storage.  The price you are quoted is the price you pay and that comes with Insurance included and the free use of a padlock if you want to use it.

4. Is it flexible?

No one likes to be tied into rigid agreements these days.  That’s why 3D Space offers fully flexible storage – you can come once a year or 10+ times a day to visit your belongings.  We simply continue to invoice you until such time as you give us 14 days written notice – email is fine … we also accept postcards! 🙂  Any storage fee that has been paid in advance is refunded along with any security deposit that has been paid as long as the storage room is returned undamanged and all rubbish is taken from the site when you leave.  We are a storage company after all, and not a rubbish clearance company!

5. And Finally

Do you ‘like’ dealing with the company you have chosen – it is usually a good idea to have a decent working relationship with people you have to deal with over a longer time.  We think life is just too short not to.

We hope the 3D Space Team look after you brilliantly and you become one of our much-appreciated customers soon!